Equipment & Supplies


Application and evaluation tools tested to maximize the efficacy of the Anabec suite of products.
SystemSure Plus Bio-Reveal ATP Luminometer
Anabec's preferred method to test the efficacy of product & protocol when cleaning non-porous surfaces is with the Hygiena SystemSure Plus Bio-Reveal ATP Meter. We carry the meter and a full line of accessories. The Hygiena meter measures soil load levels on hard surfaces in real time, allowing cleaning professionals to document and track cleaning effectiveness.
Anabec Foamers / Sprayers
Anabec's line of Foamers / Sprayers are the perfect tools to yield the industry leading coverage our cleaning products such as the Advanced Cleaning Solution, anaSPHERE, and anaFRESH are known for. Foam-based cleaning for surfactant rich cleaners, such as the Advanced Cleaning Solution, is seen as preferential to spraying or fogging because it ensures chemical-to-surface contact time. These units are manufactured to resist corrosion typical of spray equipment.


Commercial Airless Sprayers
Anabec recommends application of our moisture barriers using commercial airless sprayers. The unit should be capable of an operating pressure of 3000 psi, with a ¾ HP motor at a minimum, with available tip sizes of 0.011, 0.015, and 0.019. Typical units available at your local big box stores may not meet these requirements, so check before purchasing. Anabec promotes, has tested and successfully uses Titan Tools and Airlessco commercial brands. Click here to go to the manufacturer site and review the products.
Quat Friendly Microfiber Cloths
Anabec recommends the use of Vileda brand polyvinyl alcohol coated microfiber (PVAmicro) cloths when cleaning surfaces using our quaternary ammonium based products anaSPHERE and the Advanced Cleaning Solution. Unlike cotton rags, the microfiber & polyvinyl alcohol coating don't allow the quats to absorb into the cloth, allowing the key disinfecting ingredient to reach the surface at the optimal concentration. The PVA micro cloth provides the superior performance of microfiber cleaning coupled with easy rinsing so the cloth stays clean longer, reducing the need to launder as frequently. 
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