Stain Remover

Systems Stain Remover - No more scrubbing, no more sanding! Results in seconds!

Anabec's Systems Stain Remover is designed for removing mold stains from building materials, such as; wood in attics and crawlspaces along with numerous other surfaces.
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Systems Stain Remover (S.S.R.)
Anabec’s Systems Stain Remover (S.S.R.) is a superior commercial strength mold and mildew stain remover. S.S.R. is a Sodium Hypochlorite based solution and is made with a proprietary formula. S.S.R. is the ultimate choice when it comes to reducing labor and lowering expenses. S.S.R. is not a substitute for mold remediation, this is a cosmetic product only. S.S.R. is sold in 5-gallon RTU pails and requires no mixing or dilutions prior to use. S.S.R. should be applied using a corrosive friendly sprayer in a properly ventilated area. S.S.R. can be used in most areas where staining has occurred, if uncertain a test area should be performed in an inconspicuous spot. S.S.R. may not be able to remove stains embedded in drywall, silicone, old grout or hard water deposits and tannin stains.
Cleaning Solution Buffalo, NY
  • Sodium Hypochlorite based
  • Ready to Use
  • 250-300 sq. ft. coverage
Ways to Apply
  • Back Pack Sprayer
  • Garden-Type Sprayer
  • Mold Remediation
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