Mold Prevention and Remediation Contractor, Mid-Atlantic Region

by Perry Adams, ADCO Innovations, Inc on 11/20/14 10:06 AM

"At ADCO Innovations, Inc. we specialize in mold prevention for the new construction industry. We only get one chance to do our job right and for that reason we recommend and utilize Anabec Systems' "newBUILD." There are many factors that contribute to our choice and our customers' choice to utilize newBUILD on single-family and multi-family new construction projects throughout the mid-Atlantic. The product has a proven history and after years of trying many so-called mold preventatives. Anabec's newBUILD truly is best-in-class."

"The product's environmental soundness, ease of overall installation process, product coverage, variety of surfaces we can protect and most importantly the industry's best warranty make Anabec the preferred choice when we put our name on a project. Anabec is particular about who they allow to install their products and certified installers issuing warranties must meet strict criteria. For this reason, our customers get proven product, proven installation and a proven warranty at an economical price."

"Our partnership with Anabec is a true pleasure as they are a great manufacturer."
Crawlspace Moisture Control Specialist, Wilmington, NC

by M. Scott Gales, Crawlspace Concepts, Complete Moisture Control on 10/24/14 3:56 PM

“Just a line to thank Anabec for your great service and products! We take our moisture and mold remediation very seriously and your products deliver every time!” 
Paul Davis Franchise, Milford, Maine

by Nick Nason, Paul Davis of Central Maine on 10/24/14 3:11 PM

"We have been using Anabec's 2 part mold cleaning and sealing products for over 8 years with great success. The reason we have stayed with Anabec for so long is because they are cost effective, the product is easy to use and it works! Over the past years we have done over 400 mold jobs. These jobs would not have been the same without our products from Anabec. We can clean the area as thoroughly as we want but their products allow us to penetrate the surface of the building material to treat where the mold is and then to seal those same areas to reduce the ability of mold to grow again. Fantastic company with fantastic products."
Mold Remediation & Restoration Contractor, Long Island

by Bill Simone, Healthy Basement Systems, Long Island, NY on 10/23/14 1:59 PM

“As Owner of a mold remediation company and certified restoration company, Healthy Basement Systems, I have many choices of chemicals and processes to use that are on the market today. We used several different products that worked OK, but I believed there was something better out there. That is when I came across Anabec and their products. My staff and I did the training to apply and sell to our customers properly through their excellent training video(s) and we never turned back. The Anabec process has been easy to use and so successful that we are fully committed to the product(s). We have been using it since 2008 with outstanding results. I highly recommend the Anabec System over ALL others.”
Remediation & Restoration Contractor, IL

 by Steve Maloney, STV Services, Inc. on 9/17/14 12:00 AM

“I just want to send all of you at Anabec a quick note of thanks. I’ve been using the Anabec line of products for roughly 6 years. The Anabec products, namely the Advanced Cleaning Solution and X-70 have performed beautifully. Many jobs required post clearance testing. We have had great success while using the Anabec product line.

I also want to thank the Anabec staff. Anytime I have had a question from tech support to shipping, I have gotten my answer in a timely manner.”
Wildlife Control Specialist, Toana, VA

by Kevin Rhind, Professional Wildlife Services, LLC on 8/27/14 12:00 AM 

“PWS is a professional wild bird/animal control company. On a previous project PWS was asked if there was any way to clean a building from all of the bird droppings made by birds over numerous months. For this client, the contaminated warehouse and its contents were first sprayed with Anabec Cleaner. The following day the warehouse was sprayed with anaSPHERE. Once that process was completed, the client performed air tests to ensure the air was clean and safe to work in. It was and they were extremely pleased with our firm and the Anabec products.”
Anabec Distributor Central Ohio

by Matt Noland, Nash Distribution, Columbus, OH on 8/22/14 12:00 AM 

"We have carried the Anabec Product for over 8 years. The products are easy to use, cost effective, and they work great! We have been approached by several other manufacturers over the years but we feel strongly that Anabec is the best solution for our customers. Anabec gets the products to us quickly, without hassle, and they're always there to help when we have questions. Anabec is the only product we will recommend for mold remediation and cleanup!"
Puroclean Franchise, Wheaton, IL (Chicago)

by Buddy Lee, PuroClean Property Restoration, Wheaton, IL on 8/22/14 12:00 AM 

“I just wanted to drop you a note to tell you how happy we are with the Anabec Products. They are so easy to apply and the cleanup takes no time at all. We have been using your Advanced Cleaning Solution and X-70 Plus for over six years. Not once have we ever failed a clearance test. Your 30 and 50 year warranties are a big plus when selling against our competitors.”
Environmental Engineering Firm, Boston, MA

 by Gene Marckini, ChE, PE, President, Boston Environmental & Engineering Associates on 8/20/14 12:00 AM

“Today, when we send out a client mold report, we always specify Anabec as the product recommended by Boston Environmental. This recommendation is based on 15+ years experience with these products. We have few, if any, post remediation testing failures when Anabec products are properly used. No other product has matched Anabec’s performance record, based on our testing.” 
Crime Scene Specialist, Buffalo, NY

by Matt Faro, Kleen Scene Environmental on 8/12/14 12:00 AM 

“Anabec’s products have been a very cost effective and essential tool for our company for many years. Whether we’re using Anabec’s Advanced Cleaning Solution and moisture barrier coatings on a Mold Abatement project or if we’re using anaSPHERE to safely clean and decontaminate a crime scene, we always leave confident knowing the job was done correctly and that their products will perform as advertised. We have been proud and loyal Anabec customers since 2007 and we are proud to endorse their entire product line.”
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