Bio-Hazard Remediation


"Today it is very important to make sure that a technician or person truly disinfects the contaminated surface with the properly mixed disinfectant or product and in many cases this process may have to be done several times with the proper dwell time and cleaning solution mixture." - American BioRecovery Association Website
Bio-hazard situations present a number of challenges that require a range of products to clean, disinfect and deodorize. In almost any bio-hazard situation, the first priority is to thoroughly clean the affected area with a powerful cleaning agent. Following cleaning, proper disinfection is usually necessary given the potential presence of dangerous bacteria and viruses. Although cleaning and disinfection will often be satisfactory in eliminating odor, residual odors may require additional attention.


Anabec's product suite is the perfect answer for the challenges faced in the bio-hazard market. The Advanced Cleaning Solution's hydrogen peroxide/quaternary ammonium formulation is powerful enough to handle the worst bio-hazard situation while anaSPHERE's EPA registered kill claims of over 30+ microorganisms gives the bio-hazard professional the confidence that an affected area has been disinfected properly. With anaFRESH available to handle any residual odor, a bio-hazard scene can be remediated completely by the Anabec suite of products. 

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