Ebola Virus Infection Control

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  • 05 Jul, 2016

This is in response to the many questions regarding the control and cleaning of potentially infectious surfaces where the Ebola Virus is of concern. Anabec has put together the following guidelines which take into account our product usage and the current CDC guidelines for infection control. The process of cleaning / disinfection in situations where there is the potential for any infection transmission requires the use of personal protection. Worker protection is the most important step in cleaning up infectious disease contaminants. At a minimum, ...disposable gloves, a disposable impermeable suit, closed toe shoes with disposable covering, eye protection and facemask are required to protect against direct skin and mucous membranes from exposure to any dirt, organic debris, contaminated remains, cleaning chemicals splashes or spatters during environmental cleaning and disinfection activities. A good place to looks Hazardous Waste Regulations ( 29 CFR 1910 ) provides a broad regulatory framework for worker protection in hazardous and infectious environments, particularly OSHA’s Personal Protective Equipment Standard (29 CFR 1910.132), Respiratory Protection Standard (29 CFR 1910.134) and Bloodborne Pathogen Standards (29 CFR 1910.1030). Anabec recommends worker Hazmat training (40 hours Hazwopper), as outlined in the above standard for this specific application. Additional recommendations and safe practices can be found on the Center for Disease Control website ( www.cdc.gov )

Anabec has always recommended the practice of clean, then disinfect. This two-step process is crucial to achieving the best possible and most thorough results. The initial cleaning step involves the removal of dirt and organic debris, which are a haven for microorganisms to thrive and multiply. We recommend using the Anabec Advanced Cleaning Solution to perform an initial cleaning of the area to remove all of the dirt and organic debris. The Anabec Advanced Cleaning Solution is a patented cleaning product that uses the power of peroxide to loosen and lift dirt and organic debris. The Advanced Cleaning Solution will not stain or discolor most interior finishes. See our product application guideline for more thorough information. The cleaning step must include physical scrubbing and wiping to achieve the desired results. This leaves an extremely clean surface behind. Failure to clean completely or properly will diminish the effectiveness of the disinfection step.

Following thorough surface cleaning apply an appropriate disinfectant / virucide to the surface. There are currently no EPA Registered disinfectants tested against the Ebola Virus. The current recommendation from the CDC for the disinfection of the Ebola Virus calls for the use of EPA Registered disinfectants that are effective against non-enveloped viruses. Non-enveloped viruses (i.e.: Norovirus, Adenovirus, Rotavirus) are typically very hearty and more resistant to disinfectants than enveloped viruses. Ebola is an enveloped virus and according to the CDC website will be susceptible to types of disinfectants that can kill non-enveloped viruses. Anabec’s Anasphere is a quaternary ammonium chloride based disinfectant with broad virucidal killing power. A complete list of the tested virus’s found on Anasphere’s label are listed here: Avian Influenza A (H5N1) virus, Avian influenza/Turkey/Wisconsin virus (ATCC VR-798), Human Coronairus (ATCC VR-740), Hepatitis B Virus, Hepatitis C Virus, Herpes Simplex Type 1 virus (ATCC VR-260), Herpes Simplex Type 2 virus (ATCC VR-734), HIV-1, Influenza A H1N1 virus (ATCC VR-1469), Influenza A2/Hong Kong virus (ATCC VR-544) (H3N1), Influenza A2/J305 virus (ATCC VR-100), Norovirus (Norwalk-like virus) (ATCC VR-782), Vaccinia virus (ATCC VR-119).

Use Anasphere according to the directions, this includes mixing 3 ounces of the concentrate with 5 gallons of water to make a 450 ppm quaternary disinfecting solution. Apply to the surfaces with mechanical or trigger sprayer and wipe with a cloth. Change the cloth often to prevent recontamination. The surfaces being disinfected require that Anasphere remain wet on the surface for ten minutes to be effective. Please see the product application guideline on our website ( www.anabec.com ) and review the complete directions on the product label.

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Anabec offers a variety of products. It's important to understand the difference between them, because each has a specific purpose and proper application. Anabec products work on a variety of building surfaces and materials to clean, disinfect, deodorize, and protect. Be sure to ask about becoming an Anabec trained technician and learn the best uses for our products.
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Whether you're tasked with maintaining a large institution, beginning a new construction project, recovering from a natural disaster, or cleaning up a moldy basement... Anabec is here to help. We offer a wide selection of premium cleaning, restoration, and recovery products, designed to clean and protect a variety of building materials of microbial residues and contamination. 
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Anabec System's Advanced Cleaning Solution is the cornerstone of our cleaning and restoration products.

Advanced Cleaning Solution is a hydrogen peroxide based multi-purpose cleaner that's used as a first step to remove organic debris in residential, commercial, and industrial facilities. It comes ready-to-use, it's ph-neutral, and covers up to 1000 SQ. FT. per gallon.
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For mold remediation projects after using the Advanced Cleaning Solution, it's then time to apply x70.

x70 is a penetrant (NOT a coating) which forms an extremely durable moisture barrier. It can be used as a primer for latex paints. And when x70 is used with our Advanced Cleaning Solution.. we offer a 30-Year Warranty!!! So whether you're recovering from a natural disaster, or you're cleaning up a moldy basement. Anabec can do it all... and much more.  
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The name Anabec Systems is synonymous with better chemistry, and superior results. We manufacture proven products that are designed to work in tandem to clean, protect, disinfect, sanitize, and deodorize. You'll find our products being used in hospitals, hotels, schools, food processing plants and thousands of other public and private buildings around the world. The can be used for both finished and unfinished materials.. and we stand behind out products 100%.
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Looking for a disinfectant, a sanitizer, or a deodorizer? Anabec has you covered.

anaSPHERE is the next generation in hygiene technology. It's an E.P.A-Registered product that's proven to eliminate a variety of microbial organisms, including; Aspergillus Niger, H1N1, E-Coli, Influenza, Listeria, Salmonellas, MRSA, HIV 1, and many more. And because anaSPHERE is biodegradable and can be used on a daily basis, it's the perfect choice for hospitals, hotels, schools, office buildings, or anywhere else you want to stop the spread of potentially dangerous microbial organisms.
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If you're building a "new" building, you owe it to yourself to checkout newBUILD.

newBUILD is our one-step, stand-alone microbial barrier product that's specifically designed for application to new unfinished building surfaces. It forms a penetrating moisture barrier, which helps resist the growth of mold and mildew. newBUILD resists water, will not wash off, and it can be painted over, or used as a primer for latex paint.
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When it comes to mold, some people think that bleach will do the job. This is simply not true. Bleach neutralizes quickly, so it doesn't have adequate time to completely wipe out the organisms. By the time the smell is gone, so is the ability to kill microbes. And ironically, as it neutralizes, bleach leaves behind its main ingredient.. water. Which gives the microbes even more of what they need to survive. The Anabec products work on a microscopic level to remove unwanted microbes from surfaces, and helps prevent them from returning.
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